These 25 Cats Are Just Looking For A Comfy Spot To Sit

These cats are just looking for a comfy spot to sit, however they seem to have forgotten they aren’t kittens anymore and have grown just a little bit! You would think they would just give up and find some personal space but no they are determined the box will fit them!

1. “Can you tuck my tail in, please?”


2. This box really small.


3. I was really hoping he’d make it work.


4. What are you looking for?


5. Finally I got into the box.


6. The cat fits.


7. “Fire so warm. Box so cozy.”


8. “Please give me a big one.”


9. Good box for this cat.


10. So what if it’s a little worse for the wear…


11. “I love this one.”


12. I have to hand it to this guy.


13. “I just wanna be itty-bitty again!”


14. “What do you want…it’s the holiday season!”


15. Honestly, I’m not sure how this is physically possible.


16. “The idea of shapes is all relative, anyway. Who said a box had to be a rectangle?”


17. Keep going.


18. “Not my fault I’m fat.”


19. Time to find a bigger box, buddy.


20. She’s tried too many times for this box.


21. “I’m so tired.”


22. “You think I’m going to prescribe to the societal confines of this box?!”


23. Like a kitty cupcake.


24. It has to be said: this is pretty darn cute.


25. The idea seems to be that if the nose fits..