This Smart Dog Wanna Be A Goalkeeper

This smart dog “Purin” was born in Tochigi “yankee Boy Kennel”. 59 days old present owner started to keep her. Purin means Pudding in English. She is willfully and strong minded,doesnt flatter the people,Loves to play with dogs when she was a puppy. She wasnt interested in people but after her 2nd birthday,She started to enjoy “PLAY” with the owner. The “PLAY” came to Purin’s senses as “Purin The Super Beagle”

In this adorable video, Purin dons a Japanese national soccer team shirt and stops ball after ball kicked by her owner. Her saves are so impressive that I’m fully expecting her to be the goalie for the Japanese national soccer team at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. She’s that good!

Purin the Super Beagle. Funny Dog.

(source Purin Kumagai)