Darius Is The World’s Biggest Bunny, But His Son Jeff Is Bigger Than Him!

You’ve likely heard about animals who are large in size and stature, but there’s one that currently holds a world record. Darius, who is currently recorded as the biggest rabbit in the entire world, stands at an astonishing 4 feet 4 inches tall and weighs approximately 22.2 kilograms. However, Darius may not be holding onto his world record for very much longer, because of all things, he may soon be forced to “bunny-hop” out of the standings by his own son! Darius’s son, Jeff, currently stands at 3 feet 8 inches tall and, according to his owner, Annette Edwards, may soon grow to be larger than his father due to Jeff having approximately six more months of time to grow.

Darius and Jeff are both members of what’s known as the Continental Giant breed. This breed is now treated as a loving and intelligent house pet, but was previously bred solely for rabbit meat. They also sleep in dog crates since these particular breeds of rabbit are too big for the traditional rabbit hutch. Edwards has gone on record of stating that in addition to traditional rabbit food, the rabbits she owns eat around 700 apples and 200 carrots every year. In all, this has cost her around approximately 5,000 pounds.

worlds largest rabbit darius jeff

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